8/16/2013 Alan Jouban wins his 8th Pro MMA Fight


7/2013 JJ Tournaments


3/2013 Juan wins his first Amateur MMA Fight


11/2012 SoCal Women's BJJ Open Mat


9/9/2012 jeff glover seminar


7/2012 Ronda Rousey Rolls with Eddie at Burbank


6/26/2012 Joe Rogan receives black belt




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Below is a live google schedule of our classes. Any closures or substitute instructors will be indicated. Adult classes are shown in green, Kid's classes shown in blue.



Come try a free class and see what you think.  We believe after you come in and see for yourself you will understand why so many people love to train with us.  All with no sign-up fees and no contracts.


Class equipment and attire:
It is highly recommended for all classes to have a mouth guard and for men to wear an athletic cup.  Proper hand wraps and gloves for KickBoxing will also be needed after signing-up (we have loaners to use for your free trial class if needed).


Comfortable workout clothes are fine for KickBoxing classes.  For the grappling classes, a rash guard and fight shorts or gi pants are really a good idea, but for a trial class, at least some type of work out pants and a T-shirt is fine.


We sell all equipment and attire needed at our pro-shop for a discounted cost, but feel free to purchase your equipment elsewhere.  Upon sign-up, check with an instructor or staff first to make sure you get the proper equipment.



Jiu Jitsu:               

All Jiu Jitsu Classes


ALL Kickboxing Classes

All Jiu Jitsu Classes


Muay Thai KickBoxing:               


All KickBoxing Classes



Daily Drop in Fee (For out of town guests):                 


Weekly Drop in Fee (For out of town :                 



* 50% off all pricing for active HQ and non-local 10th Planet affiliates


Privates available for all programs, all instructors.  Call or email for scheduling and additional packages and pricing. 

(818) 559-1437