8/16/2013 Alan Jouban wins his 8th Pro MMA Fight


7/2013 JJ Tournaments


3/2013 Juan wins his first Amateur MMA Fight


11/2012 SoCal Women's BJJ Open Mat


9/9/2012 jeff glover seminar


7/2012 Ronda Rousey Rolls with Eddie at Burbank


6/26/2012 Joe Rogan receives black belt




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Blue Dragon Martial Arts in Burbank is the home to 10th Planet Burbank! We opened in 2008 and were proud to become a 10th Planet moon soon after opening.  10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu is our biggest draw for our adult classes, but our Muay Thai Kick-boxing and MMA classes are filling fast!


The studio is over 2,000 square feet with over 1,400 feet of state of the art competition mat floor.  We have a pro shop, wi-fi internet connectivity, MMA Fence and Wall, heavy bags, a changing room, restroom facilities, and a spacious waiting area with a projector, TV, video games, and toys for the kids.  We are one of the few retail stores where you can purchase 10th Planet apparel. We also sell fight gear and grappling/sparring apparel.

We teach “real world” martial arts in a clean, no-ego studio, with top notch instructors.  We don’t try to lure you in with BS sales techniques or lock you into a contract or sneak in those “sign-up” or “membership fees.”  We won’t try to sell you every piece of equipment you will ever need or make you buy a uniform or any of that.  What we will do is teach you quality, effective, cutting edge martial arts in a clean, friendly gym.   We do sell everything you need but all that is required is proper training clothes and safety equipment.  You can get it from us or get your own, no pressure.  We also strive to make sure everyone feels welcome. If you have been intimidated by hardcore fight gyms in the past come give us a try. We offer the perfect place for anyone willing to learn and improve, from beginners just getting started, to competition Fighters training at their peak.  Our school is heavily involved in jiu-jitsu competitions (for fun and for competition), so we try to build a team atmosphere, as well as participate in many social events.  We are also the only school in the area that teaches 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu to kids ages 6 and up. Visit the kid's site at



ChuckL DanKim GSP

Chuck Liddel
(UFC Fighter)

Dan Hardy
(UFC Fighter)

George St. Pierre
(UFC Fighter)

White DuffeeScott RondaRousey

Michael jai White

(Actor & Director)

Todd Duffee

(UFC Fighter & Film)

Ronda Rousey & Cody McKenzie

(UFC Fighters)


Jeff Glover
(27 time grappler's quest champ)

Conor Huen
(Strikeforce Fighter)

Leka Vieira
(5 Time women's JJ World Champ)


Joe Rogan
(comedian and UFC Commentator)

Joey "Coco" Diaz
(comedian and actor)